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Teaching in Shenzhen, Shekou, China

This is the time of year when people (like us last year) start getting more and more information on the new place they are going to be moving to.  This post is specifically to get some attention from the search engines so that people can read about how our first year in Shekou has gone so far.

Our kids, Charlotte (3) and Connor (20mos) have settled in well and Charlotte has enjoyed school from the beginning.  Our Ayi has been wonderful and while not always the case, we have really taken the time to teach her how we like things and she has even been helping us with Clean Eating in the last couple of months.  

The travel opportunities here are numerous and you can go back and see our previous travels here. We also have plans to visit Malaysia as well as some of the big tourist sites in Shenzhen (I really want to see Minsk World).

The classes were challenging while we were adapting to Mastery Learning but now that we have gotten over half way through the year we have a pretty good handle on the program.  The students are excellent in class for the most part and only a little restless when they are in less supervised situations.  Discipline problems in the middle school are very seldom major issues.

Paula and I are looking forward to the summer break but at the same time this year has gone by extremely quickly.  After living in Cairo, Shenzhen and Shekou in particular is really nice.  The proximity to Hong Kong is truly convenient.  

Sorry to the family if you feel left out…you are welcome to visit anytime!

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